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Beauty Products

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Body and Massage Oil

MANZANA - Organic VCO, Almond & Pomegranate Oil CARAMELLA - Organic VCO, Argan Oil, Strawberry and Vanilla Extracts LUNTEE - Organic VCO and Green Tea Oil MENTHO - Organic VCO and Peppermint Oil VIOLET - Organic VCO and Lavender Oil

Soap Bar

PUR for Sensitive Skin Soap - P292.39 ROZA Anti Bacterial Soap ( Bearberry Extract, Rosehip oil, Jojoba oil ) - P200.00

60g Madre de Cacao Leaf Soap

Dries up wound fast
Dries up pimples & acne fast
Eliminates  odor
Relief from dry itchy skin
Good for humans & pets
Call 09214382538 for orders

Basil Scrub Soap

Nourishes and smoothens skin Anti-dandruff Helps promotes hair growth Available in 100g Call +639214382538