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Call: 09214382538 100g Guava soap good for wounds, acne and pimples,, and hairfall.
3 assorted 60g natural soap which comes in boxes with personalized message. Call 09214382538 for orders and details
Dries up wound fast Dries up pimples & acne fast Eliminates odor Relief from dry itchy skin Good for humans…
Please contact (+639997 835 5004) Whitens teeth in just 3 to 7 days. Safe on kids and pregnant women. Can…
Nourishes and smoothens skin Anti-dandruff Helps promotes hair growth Available in 100g Call +639214382538
Call +639175013356
Call +639474609497

Copper Mask

600.00 499.00
BFAD approved Copper Mask. https://youtu.be/8Y2eXbyt_lE
Call 09214382538 Lemongrass balm eases pain relief and has calming effect. With coconut and beeswax.

Eye Shield

100.00 50.00
Call +639474609497

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