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Herbal syrup

550.00 532.00
Herbal syrup for 532 per box

Insulin wine

400.00 350.00
Insulin wine for 350 per bottle

Guyabano juice

480.00 460.00
Guyabano juice for 460 pesos per bottle

Barley Organic

What is AMazing Pure Organic Barley?🍵 🍵Destroy cancer cells 🍵Builds immunity against disease 🍵Slimming toxin remover 🍵Smoothens and whitens skin 🍵Slows aging process 🍵Cures and prevents allergies 🍵Lowers cholesterol 🍵Prevents colds and flu 🍵Improves blood circulation 🍵Boosts energy 🍵Prevents arthritis 🍵Lowers blood sugar And Many More!!💚 A Healthy Body is all we need to have these Days!💚

Flavored Syrup

420.00 390.00
This Flavored Syrup will give you a twist on your favorite beverages (coffee,tea,liquors or soda waters) 750ml in volume or 25.4 fluid ounces Turn your Regular Beverages into Flavorful Experience.