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Kutsinta 10.00 9.50
Sapin-Sapin 10.00 9.50
palitaw 10.00 9.50
Pitchi Pitchi 10.00 9.50
FRESH PILI 700.00 650.00
pansit bato 80.00 70.00
coco jam with pilinut 160.00 150.00

Home Based Business

The home based business has been the driving force of survival for the majority of the people during this COVID-19 pandemic. 

Bargain Bay invites you to support home based businesses by buying their products and using them for corporate events. Supporting home based businesses provides income to families and balances the job creation network in their areas together with ensuring a level playing field against dominant sellers.

Take this opportunity to be part of our buyers network and be part of our advocacy to support the home based business network and enjoy free gifts.