Bargain Bay is an official ecosystem of the Maharlika Crypto (MHLK-IRM).Register as Official Maharlika Association (OMA) member.OMA members gain exclusive benefits in Bargain Bay.
Kutsinta 10.00 9.50
Sapin-Sapin 10.00 9.50
palitaw 10.00 9.50
Pitchi Pitchi 10.00 9.50
FRESH PILI 700.00 650.00
pansit bato 80.00 70.00
coco jam with pilinut 160.00 150.00

One thought on “Phone number and name on Registration Page

  1. Disabled the Paid Membership plugin. That plugin over-rides the default Dokan plugin. The Dokan registration form includes other fields like phone number and address when a vendor registers.

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